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VMWARE VSPHERE 5.5 TRAINING - Duration : 20 Days

  Virtualization & Types.
  What is Hypervisor ? Types of Hypervisors.
  Getting Started with VMWare 5.5 Training.
  Overview of VMware vsphere 5.5 Training.
  Installing Microsoft Windows 2008r2/2012r2.
  Installing & Configuring Hyper-V
  Creating Virtual Machine through Hyper-V Manager
  Promoting VM as Domain Controller
  Configuring DNS
  Installing Microsoft Windows 2008r2/2012r2
  Making the Server as Member Server
  Installing Vsphere 5.5 in Member Server
  Installing ESXi 5.5 Server
  Configuring Network, DNSinESXi Server
  Managing ESXi through Vcenter
  Creating Datastore in Vcenter
  Installing VM using Vcenter
  Installing Vcenter 5.5 as Linux Appliance (Vcsa)
  Managing ESXi Server through VCSA
  Using Vsphere 5.5 Web Client and Active Directory Integration
  Configuring Virtual Infrastructure in Vsphere 5.5
  Creating and modifying Guest machines
  Installing VMware tools and Configuring
  Virtual Storage Terminology
  Creating ISCSI SAN though Openfiler
  Configuring Openfiler to use as Storage SAN
  Creating a Datastore using Openfiler
  Installing VM in Openfiler SAN
  Configuring SDRS
  Moving VM between Datastores
  Configuring Resources Priority for Storage
  Configuring Virtual Networking
  Creating a Standard VS with Isolated
  Configuring vSphere Distributed Virtual Switch
  Creating Secondary VLAN in DVS Group
  Configuring ports for VLAN traffic
  Creating a templet for Network Resources for SAN
  Adding a Standard Switch to DVS
  Moving Virtual Machines with VMotion
  Implementing High Availability with VMWare HA
  Moving Physical Machine to VmInfrastruture
  Configuring DRS

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