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mcitp course

Microsoft Certified IT PROFESSIONAL

The Microsoft Certified IT Professional Credential, more popularly known as the MCITP Credential is the gateway to the limitless world of IT. This certificate confirms that the person having this certificate is equipped with the necessary set of skills to execute the requisite jobs, like an enterprising messaging administrator or database administrator. MCITP Certifications are based on technical proficiencies, which are based on Microsoft Certificate Technology Specialist Certifications or (MCTS Certificates). Hence, you have to earn MCTS Certificates to earn the MCITP Credential.

MCITP professionals are competent for designing, building, optimizing, building and operating technologies necessary for successfully implementing a particular project. A MCITP Credential confirms and proves your knowledge and experience in using Microsoft solutions and products. MCITP Credentials are relevant in today's rapidly evolving IT industry. This credential also equips you with troubleshooting skills. Hence, this gives you tremendous job satisfaction. With this credential, you can build upon your expertise and hence move ahead in your careers, as you are equipped with the latest, advanced market- relevant skills, which are recognized and respected.

As the MCITP Credential is continuously evolved to keep pace with the latest advancement in technology, you are equipped with the job related experiences and technical problem solving skills, to handle the latest in the IT Industry. Anyone with an eye to gain new knowledge can learn to earn MCITP credentials. Moreover, this credential gives you accesses to the exclusive world of Microsoft resources and benefits of MCP.

You can learn and have hands on training necessary to equip yourself for giving exams for MCITP Credential at any of the recognized training centres. All MCP exams are conducted by Parametric, which is an independent testing organization. These exams test you by giving you stimulated real life situations to solve and also judge your preparedness and practice.

After you get a certificate, don't get complacent, as with the evolving technology, the MCITP Credential also gets retired whenever the mainstream support for the relevant technology is retired. Hence, you will always have to keep an eye on the latest and keep evolving yourself for the latest to be ahead in your career.


Course Contents


MCITP : Server Administrator


1 TS 70-640
2 TS 70-642
3 PRO 70-646

MCITP- (Enterprise Administrator on Win 2008

Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition is considered as Microsoft's most reliable, scalable and high-performing server operating system. It has been designed to simplify the process of Migration from the previous versions of windows; managing mission critical data with enhanced security technology and provides maximum server uptime for sophisticated business needs.

MCITP: Enterprise Administrator on Windows Server 2008 (5 Modules)



1 Windows Vista, Configuring. TS 70-620
2 Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring. TS 70-640
3 Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring.

TS 70-642

4 Windows Server 2008 Application Infrastructure, Configuring. TS 70-643
5 Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator. PRO 70-647
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