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Courses : Core and Advanced Java

Java Programming

Boost your Java skills with our courses in Mangalore! Our institute is certified, and we offer expert teaching, job placement help, and support for your career. Explore new opportunities with our Java course and take your software development career to the next level.

Acquiring proficiency in both Core and Advanced Java not only establishes a robust foundation for developing platform-independent and scalable applications but also broadens job prospects significantly, encompassing roles in web development, enterprise-level projects, and mobile app development, making it a valuable and versatile skill set in the dynamic field of software development.

Core Java - Duration- 25 Days

Prerequistite: Programming Knowledege (C or C++)
  Introduction to Java and Eclipse
  Language Fundamentals
  Classes and Objects
  Exploring Java Basics
  OOP with Java
  Interfaces and Abstract Classes
  Exception Handling
  Arrays, Collections and Generics
  String Handling
  Lambda Expression
  Stream API
Relevance of the Course: Advance Java, Spring Framework

Advance Java - Duration- 25 Days

Prerequisites: Core Java and MySQL
  Java Database Connectivity
  Java Server Pages (JSP)
  Unit Testing using JUnit
Relevance of the Course: Spring Framework, Full Stack Development

Job Opportunities for Core and Advanced Java Graduates:

   Java Developer:
Design and develop robust Java-based applications for diverse industries.

   Full Stack Developer:
Master both front-end and back-end development, combining HTML with Java skills.

   Software Engineer:
Contribute to the complete software development life cycle, utilizing Core and Advanced Java.

   Java Architect:
Design and implement high-level structure for complex Java applications, ensuring scalability and performance.

   Web Developer:
Create dynamic and interactive web applications using Java technologies alongside HTML.

   Android App Developer:
Develop Android applications using Java for mobile devices.

   Database Administrator:
Manage and optimize databases, integrating Java for efficient data handling.

   Enterprise Application Developer:
Build large-scale, enterprise-level applications using Java technologies.

   JavaFX Developer:
Specialize in creating rich, interactive user interfaces using JavaFX.

   Cloud Computing Specialist:
Utilize Java for cloud-based solutions, contributing to cloud computing environments.

   Technical Lead:
Lead development teams, providing technical expertise in Core and Advanced Java.

   IT Consultant:
Offer Java-based solutions and consultancy services to businesses.

   Freelance Java Developer:
Work independently on Java projects, offering flexibility and creative freedom.

   Entrepreneur/Startup Founder:
Use Core and Advanced Java skills to launch your own tech venture.

   Java Instructor/Trainer:
Share your expertise by teaching Java to aspiring developers.

Acquire in-demand skills in Core and Advanced Java and open the doors to a plethora of exciting job opportunities in the ever-evolving field of software development!

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