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Courses : Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

CTTI Computer Education's digital marketing course provides key advantages. You gain in-demand skills with lucrative job opportunities, as the field grows over 20% annually. CTTI teaches useful skills like web site building, video editing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content creation which are invaluable for businesses. Their course allows you to work independently or for companies, with flexibility and independence.

CTTI prepares you for a future proof career as technology and internet become more integrated into business. Digital marketing allows for creativity, challenges, and constant learning. CTTI keeps the curriculum up-to-date with the fast-changing field.

Overall, CTTI's digital marketing course presents a promising career path with excellent earning potential. You get a comprehensive education in digital marketing, opening opportunities as an independent consultant or working for leading companies. CTTI provides a rewarding course, taught by experienced professionals, to equip you with skills for success in the digital age. Given the advantages of CTTI's program, their digital marketing course is highly recommended.

Course Contents

  Website Building using Wordpress
  Image Creation Techniques
  Video Editing Techniques
  Content Creation
  Blog Creation
  Creating accounts in Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, LinkedIn
  Creating videos for youtube
  Search Engine Optimization
  Social Media Marketing optimization and running ads
  Google Search Engine Console
  Lead collection
  Backup Website