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Elevate your career with our ISO 9001:2015 certified PGDCA course in Mangalore, Karnataka, combining Basic Computer and These opportunities represent entry-level positions where foundational computer skills play a crucial role. As you gain more experience and potentially pursue further education or specialized courses, you can explore more advanced roles in the field of information technology or related industries. Completing a Desktop Publishing (DTP) course opens up various job opportunities in the field of graphic design, print media, and digital content creation. Some potential roles include Graphic Designer, Layout Artist, Print Production Assistant, DTP Operator, Content Creator, Multimedia Designer, and Advertising Coordinator, allowing you to apply your design and layout skills across diverse industries. Mastering Tally can pave the way for diverse job opportunities, including roles such as Accountant, Accounts Executive, Tally Operator, Audit Assistant, Tax Consultant, Finance Manager, Payroll Executive, and Financial Analyst, spanning across the realms of accounting, finance, and business management. Tally training, led by experienced faculty, offering versatile skills, industry-recognized certification, practical learning, placement assistance.

Upon completing the PGDCA course at CTTI Computer Education in Mangalore, Karnataka, you open the doors to a spectrum of job opportunities, including roles such as Computer operator in Small, Medium and Large Organization, Graphic Designer or Desktop Publisher, Tally Specialist, Systems Architect, and more, with placement assistance provided to guide you toward a successful career path.

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application

Computer Applications

  Computer Overview (Software & Hardware)
  Operating System (MS-DOS Windows XP/7)
  MS-Office 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Access)
  Software Installation
  Website Downloading
  CD Writing
  Adobe Photoshop 2017
  Adobe Animate 2017
  Adobe Illustrator
  Tally 9 Erp

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