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Courses : MCSA 2016

The MCSA 2016 certification demonstrates your proficiency in Microsoft server technologies, making you a valuable asset for organizations seeking skilled professionals to manage, secure, and optimize their server infrastructures. Job opportunities span various industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and IT services.

MCSA 2016 certification imparts a comprehensive skill set, encompassing effective enterprise-level server management, optimization of scalability and performance, expertise in virtualization, advanced PowerShell proficiency, holistic Active Directory management, network infrastructure design, security implementation and compliance, backup and disaster recovery strategies, cloud integration with Microsoft Azure, advanced file and storage management, role-based access control, dynamic access control policies, server monitoring and optimization, and integration with Microsoft Azure services for seamless extension of on-premises resources to the cloud.

Let's elaborate further on the benefits of learning the MCSA 2016 course: By delving into these advanced aspects, the MCSA 2016 course not only enriches your technical skills but positions you as a well-rounded IT professional capable of addressing complex challenges in server management and infrastructure optimization.

With the Introduction of Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Operating System, new features had been introduced such as Windows Server Hyper-V Containers . Windows Server 2016 provides new role such as Network Controllers which allows to Centralized, Programmable point to configure, monitor, Manage and troubleshoot physical and virtual Network devices. Learning MCSA 2016 you will be able to Implement, Configure, Manage & Troubleshoot Microsoft Servers. The Course Contents mentioned below will expertise you to Master the Administration of Microsoft Windows 2016 Server Operating System.

70 - 740

  Nano Servers.
  Managing Disk.
  Data Deduplication.
  Hyper-V, Nested Hyper-V.
  Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.
  Implementing WSUS.
  Implementing Failover Cluster.
  Network Load Balancing.
  AD Backup & Restore.
  Storage Migration.
  Hyper-V Replicas.
  Failover Clustering with Hyper-V.

70 - 741

  Implementing & Troubleshooting.
  IPV4 Address.
  Implementing DHCP.
  File Server Resource Manager.
  DNS, Secondary DNS.
  Remote Access.
  Direct Access.
  Installing & Configuring Certificate Services.
  Configuring PPTP & L2TP.
  SDN (Software Defined Network).

70 - 742

  Installing Microsoft Windows 2016 Server
  Initial Configuration Task.
  Installing Hyper.
  Creating Virtual Machines.
  Promoting Server as Domain Controller.
  Adding Additional Domain Controller.
  Creating Child Domain Controller.
  Creating a Tree Root Domain Controller in a Forest.
  Group Policy Management In-depth Topics.
  Creating a GPO and deploying.
  Creating a Wallpaper Policy.
  Creating a Folder Redirection Policy.
  Creating a Login Script and deploying through GPO.
  Deploying Software through GPO.
  Fine Grained Password Policy.
  Preventing users to access Control Panel, Removable Storages.
  Delegation of Control to Users.
  NTFS Permission.
  Offline Files, Disk Quota.
  Cloning DC.
  Install Ad Remotely.
  Manage User Account.
  Create User Template.
  Group Types in AD.
  Reset Secure Channel.
  CMD to Join Computer to Domain.
  CMD to Manage user account, Group & OU.
  Bulk Operations with CMD.
  ADDs Trust.
  Forest Level Trust.
  ADDS Sites and Services.
  Group Policy.
  Fine Grained Password Policy.
  Deploying & using Certificate.
  Cert Template, Autoenrollment, Key recovery.
  ADDS Backup & Recovery.

Job Opportunity for MCSA Course

   System Administrator:
• Manage and maintain server environments, ensuring the smooth operation of IT systems.

   Network Administrator:
• Administer and optimize network infrastructures, addressing connectivity and performance issues.

   IT Support Specialist:
• Provide technical support to end-users, troubleshoot issues, and implement solutions.

   Server Engineer:
• Design, deploy, and manage server architectures, focusing on scalability and performance.

   IT Consultant:
• Offer expertise in server solutions, advising businesses on optimizing their IT infrastructure.

   Data Center Technician:
• Oversee the operation and maintenance of data center servers and infrastructure.

   Cloud Support Engineer:
• Support cloud-based solutions, integrating on-premises servers with cloud services.

   IT Project Coordinator:
• Coordinate and manage projects related to server deployment, upgrades, and migrations.

   Network Analyst:
• Analyze network performance, troubleshoot issues, and implement improvements.

   Security Administrator:
• Focus on securing server environments, implementing security policies, and ensuring compliance.

   Systems Engineer:
• Work on the integration of server systems within broader IT infrastructures.

   Virtualization Engineer:
• Specialize in virtualization technologies, managing and optimizing virtual server environments.

   IT Trainer/Instructor:
• Share your expertise by teaching MCSA 2016 courses or providing training in server management.

   IT Project Manager:
• Lead projects related to server infrastructure, ensuring successful implementation and delivery.

   Desktop Support Specialist (with Server Focus):
• Provide support for desktop systems with a focus on server-related issues and configurations.

   Backup and Recovery Specialist:
• Specialize in designing and implementing data backup and recovery solutions for server environments.

   Windows Server Administrator:
• Focus on the administration and optimization of Windows Server environments.

   Database Administrator (with Server Emphasis):
• Administer databases with a focus on server-related configurations and optimizations.

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