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Courses : AWS Solutions Architect Associates

1. Domain 1.0:

Designing highly available, cost efficient, fault tolerant, scalable systems
1.1 Identify and recognize cloud architecture considerations, such as fundamental components and effectivedesigns.

Content may include the following :
  How to design cloud services.
  Planning and design.
  Familiarity with :
  Best practices.
  Developing to Client Specifications including pricing/cost (e.g., on Demand vs. Reserved vs. Spot, RTO and RPO DR Design).
  Architectural trade-off decisions (high availability vs. cost, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) vs. installing your own database on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)).
  Integrating with existing development environments and building scalable architecture.
  Elasticity and scalability.

2 Domain 2.0 : Implementation/Deployment

2.1 Identify the appropriate techniques and methods using Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Elastic Beanstalk, CloudFormation, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to code and implement a cloud solution.

Content may include the following :
  Configure an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).
  Operate and extend service management in the private cloud.
  Configure compliance in the private and public cloud.
  Launching instances in a variety of geographical regions.

3 Domain 3.0 : Data Security

3.1 Recognize and implement secure procedures for optimum cloud deployment and maintenance.

Content may include the following :
   Cloud Security Best Practices
1) How to build and use a threat model
2) How to build and use a data flow diagram for risk management
   Use cases
   Abuse Cases (Negative use cases)
   Security Architecture with AWS
1) Shared Security Responsibility Model
2) AWS Platform Compliance
3) AWS security attributes (customer workloads down to physical layer)
4) Security Services
5) AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
6) Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
7) CIA and AAA models, ingress vs. egress filtering, and which AWS services and features fit
8) “Core” Amazon EC2 and S3 security feature sets
9) Incorporating common conventional security products (Firewall, IDS:HIDS/NIDS, SIEM, VPN)
10) Design Patterns
11) DDOS mitigation
12) Encryption solutions
13) Complex access controls (building sophisticated security groups, ACLs, etc.)
14) Amazon CloudWatch for the security architect

3.2 Recognize critical disaster recovery techniques and their implementation

Content may include the following :
1) Recovery time objective
2) Recovery point objective
3) Amazon Elastic Block Store
  AWS Import/Export.
  AWS Storage Gateway.
  Amazon Route53.
  Testing the recovered data.

4 Domain 4.0 : Troubleshooting

Content may include the following :
  General troubleshooting information and questions.