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CTTI Current, Voltage: Types & Application in Electrical & Electronic Circuit.
CTTI Conductors, Insulators & Semiconductors & Ohm’s Law.
CTTI Study of Different types of Meters (Basic + Advance) and its application in Repairing Laptop PC.
CTTI Resistor, Capacitors, Inductors: Classification, Types, Ratings, Identification in Laptop PC, Checking in Multimeter & Common Faults.
CTTI Frequencies: AF & RF, Modulation & its Application in Electronic Circuits.
CTTI Semiconductors: Types & Formation of ‘P’ & ‘N’ Types Semiconductor materials, Flow of holes & Current through Semiconductors.
CTTI Diodes, Transistors, MOSFETS, Opto couplers, Operational Amplifiers & Regulators: Identification in Laptop PC, Working Principals, Application in Electronic Circuits, Types & Checking in Multimeter and Faults.
CTTI Different Components used in Electronic Circuits.
CTTI Classification of IC’s & Different Packages.
CTTI Introduction to Digital Electronics and Digital Circuits.
CTTI Basic Logic Gates its Function and Truth Table.
CTTI PCB: Uses & Types, Common and Advanced Tools used in Soldering & Soldering Techniques.
CTTI Removing & Fixing Surface Mount Devices using Rework Station.
CTTI BGA Reballing Techniques.
CTTI How to measure AC, DC, Current and Continuity in Electronic Circuit.
CTTI How to Use Oscilloscope to Measure DC Voltages and Frequency.
MODULE 2: Video illustrations
CTTI Batteries - HD.
CTTI Screen Back Cover Replacement - Dell Inspiron 1521.
CTTI Screen Replacement - Panasonic Tough Book.
CTTI Replacing a Keyboard - Dell Inspiron 1521.
CTTI Replace LCD Cover - Acer Aspire 3610.
CTTI Spilled Beerona Dell Inspiron 1525.
CTTI Testing an Inverter and Screen - Compaq Laptop.
CTTI Tools - HD.
CTTI Toshiba Laptop Power Jack Fix.
CTTI Toshiba Power Jack Fix.
CTTI Toshiba Power Jack - No Soldering.
CTTI CD Drive Control Section Problem.
CTTI Hard Disk Control Section Problem.
CTTI Battery Not Charging.
CTTI DC Pin Problem.
CTTI Solving Laptop Power Problems.
CTTI How to Handle Liquid Problems Like Spilling Water in Your Laptop.
CTTI Handling Laptop Keyboard Issues.
CTTI How You Deal With Overheating Laptops.
CTTI Fixing Keyboard Problems.
CTTI Fixing Touchpad Problems.
CTTI Replacing Broken Laptop Screens.
CTTI Replacing Memory / Data Components.
CTTI How to Fit / Install Laptop Hard Drives.
CTTI What You Need to Know About Hard Drive Installation.
CTTI What to do If You Can't Boot The System.
CTTI Using Our Laptop Repair Guides.
CTTI Identify All The Parts in a Laptop.
CTTI Fit Laptop Screens.
CTTI Fit Laptop Screens.
CTTI Fit Memory into Any Laptops.
CTTI Fit Hard Drives into Any Laptops.
CTTI Block Diagram of Laptop PC and its Explanation.
CTTI Identification of Different Section in Different Laptop P.C.
CTTI Types of Processors used in Laptop P.C.
CTTI What is Clock Signal, Speed & Cache?
CTTI Factors Responsible for Performance of Laptop PC.
CTTI Buses: Address, Data & Control its uses and how does it works.
CTTI Communication between Processors and I/O Devices.
CTTI What is RAM & ROM & its Capacity & Identification.
CTTI Different types of Rams & Identification.
CTTI Battery Charging Chip and Identification.
CTTI ALWP Section and its Identification.
CTTI Secondary Power Sections and its Identification.
CTTI Different types of Regulators and Identification.
CTTI Audio Circuits & Identification.
CTTI WI-FI Circuits & Identification.
CTTI LAN section & Identification.
CTTI Card bus controllers & Identification.
CTTI Different Bios Chips & Other EEPROM Chips in Laptops.
CTTI Different types of I/O Controllers in Laptops & Identification.
CTTI Inside Battery Circuit & Identification.
CTTI Invertors Section & Identification.
CTTI Thermal sensors identification.
CTTI Cooling system in Laptop.
CTTI Clock generator sector Identification.
CTTI Camera Circuits & Identification.
CTTI Display Circuits & Identification.
CTTI LCD Backlight circuits & Identification.
CTTI Touch Panel Circuits & Identification.
CTTI Different types of Displays in Laptop P.C.
CTTI Different types of Connectors & Pin Description.
CTTI Battery and its Voltages.
CTTI Optical Drives & Hard disk drives types.
MODULE 4: Using Websites to Download Data Sheet and Studying.
CTTI Important Websites to download data Sheets and How to find out chips manufacturers using logos.
CTTI Studying Data Sheet.
CTTI Finding out Mother Board Model using PCB.
CTTI Important Sites to download Schematics, Purchase sites for Components.
CTTI Working of Motherboards.
CTTI Configuring CMOS.
CTTI Installing Operating System.
CTTI Installing Application Software's & Drivers.
CTTI Installing External Devices for Laptops.
CTTI Upgrading Memory and Hard Disk Drivers.
CTTI Disassembling & Assembling Procedures in Laptops.
CTTI Study of Different Schematic Diagram & Circuit Tracing in Laptop P.C.
CTTI Different Signals names and its functions.
CTTI Important Signals from I/O Controllers, South Bridge & North Bridge & Clock Generators.
CTTI Power Section Important handshaking Signals.
CTTI Boot Sequence in different types of Laptops.
CTTI Study of Different Manufacturers like Sony, Dell, Lenovo & HP Working Designs & Boot Sequences.
CTTI Using POST card and analyzing Faults.
CTTI Using EEPROM Programmers and taking back up from BIOS & Flashing.
CTTI Checking Voltages of Different Power Stages and important Signals Voltage and frequency measurement using Oscilloscope.
CTTI How to Reset BIOS Password on Different Laptops.
Different Chips Used in Laptops and its Working and Circuit Tracing. Laptop Exploding Diagrams. Other than Physically taking a laptop apart, this is only the way to see how the bits and pieces fit together. There are other information sections including pictures of components and the specifications of laptops. This is useful knowledge to have as you'll know exactly what's in a laptop before repairing a particular model. Consider these advantages of becoming a laptop repair specialist.
CTTI Battery IC.
CTTI Charge / Discharge Control Chips.
CTTI Clock IC.
CTTI CPU Power Circuit.
CTTI Ram Power Circuit.
CTTI Super I / O / IC.
CTTI LCD Backlight Control Circuit.
CTTI Keyboard Chip.
CTTI Mosfets.
CTTI Ethernet IC.
CTTI CPU Temp. Control Chips.
CTTI Common Chips in Laptops.
MODULE 8: Different Faults In Laptops
CTTI Dead Systems.
CTTI No Display.
CTTI Dim Display.
CTTI System Getting Hung.
CTTI Keyboard Control Section Problem.
CTTI Charging Complaint.
CTTI Audio Not Working.
CTTI USB Port Not Working.
CTTI Hard Disk Drive Not Detecting.
CTTI System Restarts.
CTTI 100 Different Faults in Different Manufacturers And Common Complaints.
CTTI Get Certificate of Course Completion.
CTTI Data Sheets, Some Usefull Videos,Service Manuals and Schematic Circuit Diagrams.