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hardware content

ctti Key board, mouse, printers, scanners & SMPS. Uses, identification, working, construction, and faults.
ctti Mother boards, processor, RAM, ROMS, HDD, optical devices. Uses, working, types, identification and faults.
ctti Slots, sockets, connectors, ports & cables. Types, uses, data speed, devices interfaced.
ctti Different I/O cards used in computer and identifying and working faults.
ctti Operating system, MS-Dos commands, virus and types, partitioning HDD, installation of Windows XP, 8.1/10 Dual Boot and Linux Operating system Linux Mint, Ubantu, Redhat, with application and other softwares, drivers and updating antivirus software through internet.
ctti CD writting, scanner, printer, web cam, graphic card, sound card, installing and configuring.
Advanced Hardware Maintainence
Level 1: Hard disk repair tools, ghost, backup data from defective HDD, chiplevel maintenance knowledge. Assembling computer depending on configurations. Disassembling and assembling computers.

Level 2: Common faults in computer such as dead, boot failure, no display, no sound, system restarts, system hangs/slow. Hardware and software faults.